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With over 25 years of experience, Howard Swabash is your best choice for a polygraph examiner...and that's no lie!

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ABC Polygraph offers polygraph testing on virtually any issue by an experienced examiner with over 25 years of forensic testing experience. Whether the issue is infidelity, theft, assault, drug abuse, child abuse, murder, vandalism, gambling, insurance fraud, etc., ABC Polygraph can meet your need. Howard Swabash, owner of ABC Polygraph, is a former Michigan State Police Polygraph Examiner who has performed over 8,000 forensic polygraph tests and is a graduate level clinical psychologist with experience in criminal, relationship/infidelity, and sex offender testing. Offering 98% accuracy, polygraphs are a compelling resource for determining the truth. ABC Polygraph is licensed and insured. Contact ABC Polygraph today and let us assist you by providing accurate, professional polygraph services.

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